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Jefferson Winter is the son of Albert Winter, one of America’s most notorious serial killers. Over a twelve year period his father brutally murdered fifteen young women. Albert Winter was executed at California’s San Quentin prison in 2011.

Winter has a genius-level IQ and studied at the University of Maryland, where he completed two masters degrees, one in criminal psychology, the other in music. In 2000, Winter joined the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit as a profiler. During his time at Quantico, he was awarded the Medal of Valour, and, for the last three years up until his retirement, he was their head profiler.

Since leaving the FBI in 2011, Winter has travelled the world hunting serial criminals. There are three conditions that need met before he takes a case:

1) He gets a hotel suite rather than a room.

2) The suite comes with a complimentary bottle of single malt whisky (at least 12-year-old).

3) The case is interesting.

Winter’s favourite composer is Mozart. One of his ambitions is to own recordings of the defining performances of the composer’s work.

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