Jefferson Winter and Special Agent Yoko Tanaka return in the second installment of the Jefferson Winter Chronicles.

FBI profiler Yoko Tanaka is in Tampa, Florida helping local PD with their ‘Sandman’ case. Three mothers and their daughters have been found murdered in their homes. The mothers brutally stabbed while the little girls’ have been smothered in their beds and posed to look like they’re asleep.

Defying FBI protocol, Yoko makes a detour to Sarasota to entice Jefferson Winter to join the case. Winter has now graduated from college and is playing piano in a tourist restaurant. At first he’s reluctant to get involved but that’s the thing with Winter, what he says and what he means can be two different things. All Yoko needs is his help … but what Winter doesn’t know is that she might also be able to help him. 

A brilliant, conflicted profiler.
— Stephen Fry

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